Urban ponies' blog

Okay. Here we go. A noir comics about ponies’ adventures in an industrial town :3

Who would have expected that.

Hi, guys. I guess, I have to leave this tumblr for some time. (What is that thing about? How did it get into my dashboard? - you might ask. Yep, I left it for so long - just didn’t have any inspiration for continuing.) There are some ideas on it’s future now, but I must have some time to implement them.

Anyway I started my OC’s blog (yep, what a mainstream), so you can follow it! It will be updated much more frequently then this blog. It will be some kind of a training ground for my drawing skills.

Well, say hello to Casey and stay tuned for her everyday life.


Um… I really don’t clop!

You caught me right between the bathroom and the kitchen with your question.

I totally hate mornings…

I totally hate mornings…

Almost an ordinary mornin’. Gettin’ home at 5 am is not the best thing when you gotta get up at 7.

Yep, we’re so different..

((mod: I’m still plunged in my studies and exams, but it will all end soon. I have some scenario for the story and I’ll also introduce the citizens to you next time))

SoftHardcore Pinkie